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Version 2024.05.26.1 Has Been Released!

The second major update of the year has many new features.

Emailing of Customer Packets, Posting Sheets, CPAs, Invoices and Statements can now all be email directly from RanLien (additional monthly support cost).

Imaging. Ranlien now has the ability to tie an image (Jpeg, PDF or Word Document, etc.) to a lien sale. These images will print with the lien sale customer copies and be provided to the customer. Think about it, authorization letters, correspondence with the legal owner or anything you can store on the file system.

These are just two of the features added to Ranlien with this release. There are many more. Call today to schedule an appointment for your upgrade.

Version 2022.11.20.1 Released

Fixed and added to this version:

  • Fixed issue with company address
  • Updated forms for better clarity
  • Added Reg 135 to Lien Packet
  • Returned support for including maillog as part of the lien packet
  • Added support for twain scanners
  • Added the ability to fill out the VIN Verifier form
  • Improved PDF Support

Version 2020.04.29i Released!

The following issues were fixed or features added:
  • Fix issue with Last record adding of an RLI
  • Fix Issue with Maillog Skipping Trailer Records
  • Redesigned Billing Invoice to support dual window envelops
  • Added support for printing Bills of Sale from 2nd Tray at end of Packet
  • Added option to display order and certified piece counts on the maillog
  • Re-formated Billing Invoice for double window envelops
  • Moved Bill Long App checkbox to bottom of first column
  • Moved trailer VIN a 1/2 inch on long boat app
  • Enlarged the image of the boat application
  • A forms table upgrade may be needed to support this release.

    Version 2020.04.07c Released!

    Fixes and Features in this release
  • Fixed issue with Accounting/Invoice tab jumping to Order tab when new charge entered
  • Fixed issue with Long Lien Final (Reg 280) where there was overwriting on names
  • Fixed issue with placing DOJ records on hold or Auto Cancelled
  • Version 2020.03.30o Released!

    Features and Fixes in this Version:
  • Add Label start position for Green card and Certified Labels
  • On an interested party add The IP was not visible record movment
  • Could see customer’s full name when adding a lien
  • Moved “rerun KSR” button away from the “save button”
  • Moved the “add” button away from the “save button”
  • The last order number doesn’t check the box for bill of sale printed
  • Accounting/Invoice can’t edit via the grid. Must open dialog
  • Version 2020.03.12j Released!

    Features/Fixes in this release
  • Added export of Invoices for Quickbooks
  • Fix issue with Active checkbox on customer panel not saving
    • Add support for directing forms to a a specific tray/bin
    • Added screen for adding/editing forms
    • Added New Bill of Sale to this process

    Version 2020.03.07f Released!

    The following issues/features addressed:
  • Added Additional Billing codes to invoices
  • Added support for double windowed envelopes
    • Updated Notice and Billings to Support double-sided envelopes
    • Expanded ID Blocks in Company Record
    • Added Support for Client return address for short liens
  • Added Total lien count to Maillog pages
  • Fixed Issue with Posting Sheets where selections for lien type didn’t work for the All Customers report
  • NOTE! A database upgrade is required

    NOTE! A forms table upgrade are required for this update.

    Contact Richard for an appointment to perform this needed update.

    Version 2020.03.01a Released!

    The following features or fixes are included with this release
  • Added Active flag to customer panel and customer object
  • A new index tag was added to support the active flag on the customer record
  • Added support to reload customer and agency list
  • Cert Number checkbox on Company panel now hides/shows cert number without leaving the program
  • Removed form loads at startup
  • Returned DexEx grid to Order and Review tabs
  • Fix issue with loading RLI records on Order and Review Panels
  • Fix issue with ESheet defaulting expiration date to 1/1/1980